KRUG Sounds


The aim was to compose and produce music, which supports KRUG’s clients
to subjectively understand and enjoy the taste of KRUG.
The main theme was developed in different arrangements for the four Cuveés of KRUG:
Grande Cuveé, Vintage 2000, Rosé and Clos du Mesnil.


Client: Champagne KRUG, France
Production: LucieP
Year: 2013
Music: Florian Riedl, Michael Meinl
Strings: Members of Munich Symphony Orchestra
Brass: Florian Jechlinger, Franz Weyerer, Janine Roedig, Tomas Topolski, Mathias Götz, Florian Schachtner
Flute, Clarinet: Florian Riedl
Piano, Glasses, Percussion: Michael Meinl
Harp: Kathrin Pechlof
Sounddesign, Production and Programming: Michael Meinl
Additional Production and Orchestration: Florian Riedl