CD/LP Mambo Atomico



Only one and a half years after the successful debut album the THFO strikes back. Again, the tunes have been recorded live
on a 16-track tape machine, delivering an authentic and original sound. Although the band consists of six men, one man is responsible
for keeping the group at performance peak when sideman leave and others take their place – one man holds everything together
and was responsible for forming the group – the leader and sax/flute player, Florian Riedl.
Instrumentally, the sound effects and expressions are achieved by the use of flute, saxophone, trombone, piano, congas, and drums,
a particularly good combination of instruments to gain a great effect.


This album is not completey jazz-oriented, but it displays the variety of the talents of the band. It will let you hear and feel
what is to be expected from them. The Hi-Fly Orchestra are happening … you can happen with them.


Recording: Jan Krause at Mastermix Studios
Mixing: Paul Beller
Master: Alex Klier at LXK Studios.