CD/LP Samboogaloo



THE HI-FLY ORCHESTRA means all-acoustic jazz with a totally infectious and heavy dancegroove that always gets the crowd on the floor.
The band returns jazz to its grooviest roots, the great sound of the sixties.


THFO was founded in 2005 by Jerker Kluge and Florian Riedl with intent to form up a group creating music that sounds
as hip as the classic jazz records, but in the same time like music of today.
Music to dance, without DJ´s, electronics or samples, just pure music!
The heavy and rough rhythms are played by drums, double-bass, congas and piano, supporting the wonderful
horn-lines by sax and trombone. The high musical quality of the 6 members of THFO and the original sound
of their instruments assure the most authentic perfomance with absolute high energy playing.


The tunes are recorded live on 8-track tape recorder, delivering an authentic and original sound.
Recording, Mixing: Paul Beller
Master: Calyx Mastering